1. philidelphia, pa

  2. I love planning outfits!
    My mind is set on summer❤☀

  3. d o w n t o w n

  4. Happy 22nd to my big sis!!!

  5. New background for my new computer!

  6. Beach workout with the puppy!
    There is no winter in Cali

  7. Just as good as a little blue box :)
    Merry Christmas!!☃❄︎

  8. мerry cнrιѕтмaѕ eve! ☃♨︎❄︎

  9. LUSH!
    Xmas gift from one of my best friends❤

  10. Lake Merced
    Absolutely the best place for a 3 mile run☀

  11. OOTD

  12. ❄⭐twinkle lights⭐❄
    So ready for christmas